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Innovative Brown Deer Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Give your floors the look they deserve in an area like Brown Deer, WI by calling Fabulous Floors Milwaukee for our excellent hardwood refinishing service. Our refinishing technique is engineered to make your hardwood floors look and feel new, without spending the money to actually reinstall brand new hardwood floors.

With tons of variety in our services, we’ll make sure to get you what is right for you. We won’t ever push you into buying something that you don’t need. We’ve been refinishing and resurfacing wood floors in Brown Deer for years! We’ve got everything it takes to make your floors shine once again. Trust that the experts at Fabulous Floors Milwaukee will provide the best customer service and quality labor. We hope that you will take advantage of our hardwood refinishing service in Brown Deer, WI by calling today!

before and after of a floor refinishing service in brown deer, wi

The Fabulous Floors Refinishing Process

With us, you can expect a complete walk-through inspection of your floors prior to the start of our refinishing work. We’ll look for areas that may need special treatment to remove the bonding from pre-existing carpets as well as potential problem spots that might require extra attention. We’ll start the treatment by sanding your floors to remove any nicks and scratches that may have accumulated over the years. Then, we’ll apply your choice of stain to the floors to either match the previous stain color or to match some new decor or styles you’d like in your Brown Deer home. Finally, our hardwood refinishing service always includes a thin coat of polyurethane at the end of the process to seal in the color and to protect against future dings and scratches. Plus, it gives your floors that beautiful gleam that everyone loves!


Fabulous is right. We had the floors in a 1952 home refinished, and I don’t believe they’d ever been refinished since the house was built. There was quite a bit of damage, but Fabulous Floors made them look nearly as good as new, especially the oak floors in the main house. Great work!

– Barbara F.

The Fabulous Floors Milwaukke Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Check out this video to learn how Fabulous Floors Milwaukee uses their refinishing system to bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors, without the cost of getting all new floors!

From quote through to finished job, Matthew and his team were excellent. Highly recommend. Thanks so much guys.

– N. Bell


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